SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What makes a website number one on google? Now that is a tough question to answer but we will give it a go.

What is the keyword used to find your website? Keyword Research is a very important first step in SEO. If you get the keywords wrong you'll blow your how web strategy. Keyword research is about finding the right keywords that you want your customers to type into google to find your website.

Once you have your list of keywords it is time to relevant to those keywords. For an example imagine your website sells used cars and you primarily sell Red BMWs so your number one keyword is "Red BMWs".

Well the first thing to do is make sure there is more information (articles, pictures, news) and red BMWs then any other type of car on your website. The more fresh and unique content that you have about your given subject the more search engines will rate your site. Search engines are out to give there users (user customers) the best user experience they can so that is fresh unique content.

Now that your website has plenty of unique fresh content the search engines will think your website is great but you might well find your still not listing well for the keywords you are after. Why is this? Popularity, your website just isn't that popular in the eyes of the search engine so they don't want to list you. Search Engines do always show the most accurate results for search terms but they do always show websites that are popular.

How do you make your site popular? The number one, easiest and cheapest option is to create backlinks. What is a back link? This is a link to your website from another website. You can join link exchanges or submit links to forums or just flat out buy links. There are plenty of ways to get links. The main thing to remember is the more websites that link to your website the more popular google and the other search engines will think you are.

There are other elements that come into weather a website is popular or not such as how much traffic (visitors) the site receives, the bounce rate (What the user does on a website) and how long the visitor stays on the site. These things are much harder for search engines to track so there for less relevant in search results. It is important to look at this information yourself as this will tell you what your clients really think about you website.

I hope you find some of this information useful. Should you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line

Kris Reid