Distributed Data Entry Team Manager

A start-up with 3 years' track record and success are entering their next phase of development of recruitment searching for a talented and versatile Team Manager.

We currently have over 40 distributed part-time operators on our team. These operators follow instructions, given by our be-spoke software, inputting data for our customers. The majority of our operators are located in the Philippines but we also have staff in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

We currently have 2 managers in the Philippines overseeing the operators. We wish to hire a new general manager in our Davao office to oversee all data entry workers.

Your work will involve:

The idea candidate will have:

Please email your CV today: jobs@kremsoft.com

Location: Ecoland Phase 3, Davao City

Office Hours: 8:30AM - 5:30 PM

Phone: +63 907 319 8166

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